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Anatomy Atlases: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation: Part 2: Cardiovascular System: Listing of Media: Arteries: I

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation: Part 2: Cardiovascular System

Listing of Media: Arteries: I

Ronald A. Bergman, PhD
Adel K. Afifi, MD, MS
Ryosuke Miyauchi, MD

Peer Review Status: Internally Peer Reviewed


Image 243Image 243

Inferior Gluteal Artery

Image 68Image 68, Image 243Image 243


Image 100Image 100, Image 399Image 399

Inferior Mesenteric

Image 24Image 24,Image 25Image 25, Image 254AImage 254A, Image 254BImage 254B, Image 333Image 333, Image 333AImage 333A


See Images 24, 241, 349

Middle Colic

Image 101Image 101

Inferior Phrenic

Image 108Image 108, Image 118Image 118, Image 221Image 221, Image 255AImage 255A, Image 255BImage 255B, Image 255CImage 255C, Image 255DImage 255D, Image 255EImage 255E, Image 255FImage 255F, Image 384Image 384

Inferior Renal Polar Arteries

Image 42Image 42, Image 126AImage 126A, Image 126BImage 126B, Image 126CImage 126C, Image 126DImage 126D, Image 213Image 213, Image 218Image 218, Image 220Image 220, Image 407Image 407

Superior (Splenic)

Image 269Image 269

Inferior and Superior Epigastric Arteries

Image 23Image 23, Image 128AImage 128A, Image 215Image 215

Inferior Thyroid

Image 104Image 104, Image 107Image 107, Image 113Image 113, Image 262Image 262, Image 314Image 314


See Image 262

Thyroid Ima

Image 187Image 187, Image 188Image 188, Image 236BImage 236B,Image 303Image 303, Image 453Image 453

Inferior Vesical Artery

Image 243Image 243

Intercostal Artery

Image 407Image 407

Internal Carotid

Image 285Image 285, Image 289Image 289, Image 290Image 290, Image 436Image 436, Image 437Image 437

Absence of:

289, 290, 436

Central, of Retina

Image 298Image 298, Image 299Image 299, Image 300Image 300

Internal Iliac

Image 68Image 68, Image 243Image 243, Image 357Image 357, Image 359Image 359, Image 470AImage 470A, Image 470BImage 470B, Image 476Image 476, Image 477Image 477, Image 478Image 478

Common Iliac

Image 136Image 136, Image 241Image 241, Image 258Image 258, Image 264AImage 264A, Image 264BImage 264B, Image 343Image 343, Image 356Image 356, See Image 359

Internal Pudendal

Image 68Image 68, Image 243Image 243, Image 413Image 413, Image 472Image 472

External Pudendal Superficial

Image 128AImage 128A

Internal Thoracic

Image 71Image 71, Image 97Image 97, Image 319Image 319, Image 323Image 323,Image 409Image 409

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