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Anatomy Atlases: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation: Part 1: Muscular System: Listing of Media: P

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation: Part 1: Muscular System

Listing of Media: P

Ronald A. Bergman, PhD
Adel K. Afifi, MD, MS
Ryosuke Miyauchi, MD

Peer Review Status: Internally Peer Reviewed

Palmaris Longus

Image 69

Varieties of Palmaris Longus.
from Reimann, et al.

Image 68

Varieties of Palmaris Longus.
from Reimann, et al.

Image 162

Varieties of Palmaris Longus.
from Reimann, et al.

Image 77

Varieties of Palmaris Longus.
from Gruber, 1868, 1872.

Images 106

Varieties of Palmaris Longus.
from Gruber, 1868, 1872.

Image 37

Varieties of Palmaris longus.
from Gruber, 1868, 1872.

Image 81

Doubled Palmaris Longus with a Flexor Digiti Minimi Accessorius.
from Saadeh and Bergman.

Image 12

Palmaris longus substituting for the ring finger slip of flexor digitorum superficialis.
Labaratory specimen, University of Iowa.
From Cassell and Bergman. (1990)

Image musculus

Musculus comitans nervi mediani s. palmaris profundus

Image 38

Musculus Comitans Nervi Mediani s. Palmaris Profundus
from Sahinoglu, et al.

Image palmaris

Palmaris longus with and associated accessorius as flexorem digiti minimi muscle.
From Calori, 1867

Panniculus Carnosus

Image 121

from Calori.

Image 113

Varieties of Sternalis Muscle.
from Turner, 1867.

Pectoralis Major and Pectoralis Minor

Image 198

Pectoralis Major
(Leonardo da Vinci)

Image 104

Pectoralis Major
Variation by a natural developmental division of the muscle into its "primative parts." compare this illustration with that of Leonardo (above) and note the similarity.
After Huntington.

Image 111

Axillary Arch, Pectoralis Quartus, and Sternalis.
from Huntington, 1905

Image 203

Tensor Semivaginae.
from Huntington, 1905.

Image 110

Pectoralis Major and Infraspinatohumeralis (upper left)
from Leonardo da Vinici

Image 2

from Calori, 1867.

Image 46

from Perrin, 1871a.

Image 28

Chondroepitrochlearis and Dorsoepitrochlearis
from Perrin, 1871a

Image 215

M. costoepitrochlearis and the absence of the manubrial, sternal, and costal heads of pectoralis major.
from Griffith, 1902

Image 75

Note the absence of the manubrial, sternal, and costal portions of pectoralis major in the illustrations on the right and left sides of this figure(the illustration of the individual in the center has a congenital absence of the penis).

Image 61

Chondrocoracoideus (Wood)
from Calori, 1867

Image 74A

A Case of Doubled Pectoralis Quartus, Axillary Arch and Chondroepitrochlearis.
AA, axillary arch; BNVD, brachial neurovascular bundle; CD, chondroepitrochlearis; LD, latissimus dorsi; PM, pectoralis major; and PQ, pectoralis quartus.
from Bergman.

Peroneus Brevis and Longus

Image 115

Four Peronei in a Leg.
Two supernumerary peronei were found for the first time. One of these muscles arose between the two common peronei and inserted onto the peroneal trochlea of the os calacaneus. The second arose beneath peroneus brevis and its tendon inserted into the dorsal digital expansion of the fifth toe.
from R. Reimann, 1979.


Image 226

Doubled popliteus.
from Calori, 1866.

Image 108

Popliteus Biceps.
from Gruber, 1875.

Image 158

Doubled Popliteus.
from Gruber, 1877.

Pronator Quadratus

Image 78

Radialis Internus Brevis Biceps, Cubitocarpeus, and Supernumerary Head of Abductor Digiti Minimi.
n, radialis internus brevis biceps; n', larger head arose from the radius; n", smaller supernumerary head arose from the forearm aponeurosis; o, cubitocarpeus; p, supernumerary head of abductor digiti minimi.
from Gruber, 1872c.

Image 118

a,b, the two heads of cubitoradiocarpien. a, radial head; b, ulnar head; c, tendon of this muscle, insertion in two parts; d, radial eminence of the os trapezium, and e, palmar fascia of os trapezoideum. from Calori.

Pronator Teres

Image 153

Pronator Teres Third Head.
from Barrett.

Image 109

Pronator Teres, Accessory Head from Brachialis.
A dissected specimen from the University of Iowa College of Medicine.

Image 176

Union of Biceps Brachii and Pronator Teres
source unknown to authors.

Image 73.

High Origin of Pronator Teres from Ligament of Struthers and Supracondylar Process of Humerus.
These illustrate potential entrappment sites for the brachial artery and the median nerve.
from Calori.

Psoas Minor

Image 131

Psoas Minor, 1.
from Wagstaffe and Reid, 1875


Image 116

Muscle Pubotransversalis.
1, os pubis superior ramus; 2, adminiculum lineae albae; 3, m. rectus abdominis; 4, fascia transversalis; 5, inguinal canal; 6, inguinal ligament; 7, horizontal interfoveolar ligament; and 8, m. pubotransversalis
from Luschka.

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