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Anatomy Atlases: Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross Section: Section 2. Neck, Shoulders, Upper Arm, and Upper Thorax (Lungs)

Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross Section: Section 2. Neck, Shoulders, Upper Arm, and Upper Thorax (Lungs)

Plate 2.1

Ronald A. Bergman, Ph.D., Adel K. Afifi, M.D., Jean J. Jew, M.D., and Paul C. Reimann, B.S.
Peer Review Status: Externally Peer Reviewed

Plate 2.1

Upper Left Quadrant

Lower Left Quadrant

Lower Right Quadrant

Upper Right Quadrant

1. Transversus menti m.
2. Oral cavity
3. Orbicularis oris m.
4. Hypoglossal nerve
5. Mylohyoid m.
6. Hyoglossus m.
7. Submandibular gland
8. Lingual nerve
9. Submandibular gland
10. Platysma m.
11. Hyoid bone, greater horn
12. Intervertebral disk, C4, fibrocartilage
13. Longus colli m.
14. Cervical sympathetic trunk
15. Vagus nerve
16. Internal jugular v.
17. Vertebral a.
18 Third cervical nerve root

19. Middle scalene m.
20. Vertebra, C5 transverse process
21. Posterior scalene m.
22. Acromion of scapula
23. Deltoid m.
24. Subarachnoid space
25. Spinal cord, lateral white column
26. Spinal cord, ventral gray column
27. Spinal cord, dorsal white column
28. Interscapular fat
29. Semispinalis m.

30. Multifidus m.
31. Semispinalis cervicis m.
32. Splenius capitis m.
33. Semispinalis capitis m.
34. Vertebra, C5 transverse process
35. Longissimus cervicis and capitis mm.
36. Trapezius m.
37. Levator scapulae m.
38. Deltoid m.
39. Superficial (fatty) fascia
40. Greater auricular nerve

41. Spinal accessory nerve
42. Sternocleidomastoid m.
43. Internal jugular v.
44. Vertebral a.
45. Internal carotid a.
46. Lymph node
47. External jugular v.
48. Middle pharyngeal constrictor m
49. Stylohyoid m.
50. Anterior facial v.
51. Submandibular gland
52. Lingual a.
53. Facial a.
54. Inferior alveolar nerve in mandibular canal
55. Platysma m.
56. Styloglossus m.
57. Oral pharynx
58. Mandible
59. Genioglossus m.
60. Upper lip

This section passes through the oral cavity (2), genioglossus muscle (59), mandible (58), oral pharynx (57), fifth cervical vertebra (20, 34), fourth cervical intervertebral disk (12), cervical spinal cord (25, 26, 27), and the trapezius muscle (36).

The following important arterial vessels are identified: facial (53), lingual (52), internal carotid (45), and the vertebral (17, 44).

The anterior facial (50), external jugular (47), and internal jugular (16, 43) veins are seen.

Cranial nerves 5, trigeminal mandibular division branch (8); 11, spinal accessory (41) 10, vagus (15); and 12, hypoglossal (4) can be identified. In addition, the cervical sympathetic trunk (14) is located between the internal carotid artery and internal jugular vein (16).

The inferior alveolar (54), lingual (8), and greater auricular (40) nerves, third cervical nerve root (18), and the cervical enlargement of the spinal cord (25, 26, 27) are identified.

Parts of the submandibular gland are seen bilaterally (7, 9, 51).

Muscles of the head and neck include the genioglossus (59), styloglossus (56), platysma (10, 55), stylohyoid (49), middle pharyngeal constrictor (48), sternocleidomastoid (42), semispinalis capitis (33), semispinalis cervicis (31), multifidus (30), posterior scalene (21), middle scalene (19), longus colli (13), hyoglossus (6), mylohyoid (5), orbicularis oris (3), and transversus menti (1) muscles.

Shoulder muscles include the deltoid (23, 38), levator scapulae (37), and trapezius (36).

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