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Anatomy Atlases: Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross Section: Section 2. Neck, Shoulders, Upper Arm, and Upper Thorax (Lungs)

Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross Section: Section 2. Neck, Shoulders, Upper Arm, and Upper Thorax (Lungs)

Plate 2.10a

Ronald A. Bergman, Ph.D., Adel K. Afifi, M.D., Jean J. Jew, M.D., and Paul C. Reimann, B.S.
Peer Review Status: Externally Peer Reviewed

Plate 2.10a

Upper Left Quadrant

Lower Left Quadrant

1. Brachiocephalic v., right
2. Internal thoracic a.
3. Lung, right upper lobe, anterior segment
4. Lung, right upper lobe, apical segment
5. Pectoralis minor m.
6. Pectoralis major m.
7. Serratus anterior m.
8. Axillary v.
9. Biceps brachii, long head m.
10. Biceps brachii, short head m.
11. Deltoid m.
12. Humerus, deltoid tuberosity
13. Coracobrachialis m.
14. Median nerve
15. Brachial a.
16. Triceps brachii, medial head m.

17. Radial nerve
18. Brachial v.
19. Lung, right upper lobe, posterior segment
20. Triceps brachii, lateral head m.
21. Triceps brachii, long head m.
22. Subscapularis m.
23. Tendon m. Iatissimus dorsi
24. Scapula, lateral margin
25. Lung, right lower lobe, superior segment
26. Lung, right oblique fissure
27. Teres major m.
28. Rib 5
29. Infraspinatus m.
30. Serratus anterior m.
31. Intercostal mm.
32. Scapula, medial margin near inferior angle
33. Longissimus thoracis m.
34. Serratus posterior superior m.
35. Costovertebral articulation, rib 6
36. Trapezius m.
37. Multifidus m.
38. Vertebra, T7 superior articular process
39. Vertebra, T6 inferior articular process
40. Subarachnoid space
41. Vertebra, T6 spinous process
42. Spinal cord
43. Vertebra, T6 body
44. Zygapophyseal joint, T5, T6

This section passes through the aorta (78) and its three primary arterial branches: right brachiocephalic trunk (86) and left common carotid (83) and left subclavian (80) arteries. The trachea (85) is seen next to a dilated or open esophagus (82). The section cuts the sixth thoracic vertebra (43).

The esophagus is the first segment of the alimentary canal and extends from the pharynx to the stomach. The esophagus may be divided into three segments: cervical, thoracic, and abdominal. The esophagus in the cervical and abdominal regions is generally closed, but the thoracic (as seen here) is more or less open, containing air.

Several bronchopulmonary segments can be recognized: left lung, upper lobe and division, anterior (79) and apical posterior (57) segments, and right lung, upper lobe, posterior (19), apical (4), and anterior (3) segments.

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