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Plate 12.233 Kidney

Ronald A. Bergman, Ph.D., Adel K. Afifi, M.D., Paul M. Heidger, Jr., Ph.D.
Peer Review Status: Externally Peer Reviewed

Vascular system cortex

Plate 12.233 Kidney

Cat, vascular injection (gelatin), carmine, 50 x.

This is an injected specimen to demonstrate some aspects of vascular supply of the kidney. The interlobular arteries are branches of the arcuate arteries. The latter are located in the zone separating the cortex from the base of the medullary pyramids. The interlobular arteries ascend perpendicularly to the surface of the kidney and provide numerous short lateral branches (afferent arterioles) that enter one or more renal corpuscles (glomeruli). The interlobular arteries terminate at the periphery of the cortex as afferent arterioles, and each supplies a glomerulus. From every glomerulus, an efferent arteriole leaves and divides into a system of capillaries called the peritubular plexus around the tubules of the cortex. The injected carmine gelatin illustrates the larger size of the lumen of afferent arterioles. This relative size difference presumably increases the glomerular filtration pressure.

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