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Anatomy Atlases: Atlas of Human Anatomy: Plate 18: Figure 1

Atlas of Human Anatomy

The arteries of the torso, axilla and upper thigh.

Translated by: Ronald A. Bergman, PhD and Adel K. Afifi, MD, MS
Peer Review Status: Internally Peer Reviewed

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The arteries of the torso, axilla and upper thigh

a) Clavicle.
b) First rib.
c) Second to tenth ribs.
d) Sternum (s. manubrium).
e) Xiphoid process of sternum.
f) m. Deltoideus.
g) m. Pectoralis major, humeral insertion.
g’) m. Pectoralis major, clavicular origin.
g’’) m. Pectoralis major, sternal origin.
h) m. Biceps brachii.
i) m. Coracobrachialis (on the right side the upper part of the muscle is divided, to see the course of musculocutaneous nerve) (s. nervus perforans Casseri).
k) m. Pectoralis minor (right, only its insertion on the scapula is seen).
l) m. Subscapularis.
m) m. Latissimus dorsi.
n) m. Scalenus anterior.
o) m. Serratus anterior major (right, only the cut surface is seen).
p) mm. internal intercostales .
p’) m. First external intercostal.
q) m. Triangularis sterni.
r) m. Sternohyoideus.
s) m. Sternocleidomastoideus, sternal insertion.
s’) m. Sternocleidomastoideus, clavicular insertion.
t) m. Omohyoideus.
u) m. Trapezius.
v) m. Subclavius.
w) Costal pleural.
x) m. External abdominal oblique (both sides are cut).
y) m. Internal abdominal oblique (right side cut and left side is seen in situ).
z) m. Transversus abdominis.

a) m. Rectus abdominis.
b) Anterior part of the vagina (sheath) of rectus abdominis (cut).
g) Umbilicus.
d) Linea alba.
e) m. Internal oblique (cut at the fleshy end of the muscle).
z) Anterior part of the vagina of rectus abdominis (cut).
h) Posterior part of the vagina of rectus abdominis (also arcuate line s. linea semicircularis Douglasii).
k) Fascia transversa abdominis.
l) Inguinal ligament (Poupart’s ligament).
m) Abdominal annulus of the inguinal canal.
n) Spermatic cord (its middle is transversly divided).
p) Suspensory ligament of the penis.
r) Femoral fascia lata.
s) Falciform process of fascia lata (the outer end of the fossa ovalis is seen).
t) Floor of the fossa ovalis, formed by the deep layer of fascia lata, which passes over the iliac fascia.
y) m. Sartorius.
f) m. iliopsoas.
w) m. pectineus.

  1. innominate artery.
  2. right common carotid artery.
  3. right subclavian artery.
  4. thyreocervical trunk, from which the inferior thyroid, transverse scapular, superficial cervical and ascending cervical arise.
  5. internal thoracic artery.
  6. axillary artery.
  7. beginning part of thoracoacromial artery.
  8. long thoracic artery.
  9. posterior circumflex humeral artery.
  10. subscapular artery.
  11. circumflex scapular artery.
  12. thoracodorsal artery from the subscapular artery.
  13. anterior intercostal arteries (arise from the internal thoracic artery), which communicate with the posterior intercostal arteries.
  14. superior epigastric artery (arises from the internal thoracic [s. internal mammary artery], anastomoses with the inferior epigastric artery.
  15. perforant rami of internal thoracic artery.
  16. thoracoacromial artery (s. thoracica secunda).
  17. supreme (superior) thoracic artery (s. thoracica prima).
  18. pectoral muscle branch of thoracoacromial artery.
  19. thoracoacromial artery, acromial branch.
  20. thoracoacromial artery, deltoid branch.
  21. muscular rami of epigastric arteries.
  22. inferior epigastric artery (arises from the femoral artery).
  23. circumflex iliac artery (abdominal branch of the same).
  24. femoral artery (s. arteria cruralis).
  25. superficial epigastric artery (divided).
  26. testicular artery (surrounded by the pampiniform plexus).
  27. point of union of the right and left innominate veins with the superior vena cava.
  28. right innominate vein.
  29. internal jugular vein.
  30. subclavian vein.
  31. axillary vein.
  32. cephalic vein.
  33. femoral vein.
  34. great saphenous vein.
  35. dorsalis penis vein.
  36. brachial plexus.
  37. median nerve (with its two branches surrounded by the axillary artery).
  38. suprascapular nerve.
  39. musculocutaneous nerve (s. nervus perforans Casseri).
  40. axillary nerve.
  41. medial cutaneous nerve of the arm.
  42. ulnar nerve.
  43. radial nerve.
  44. infraclavicular part of the brachial plexus.
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