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Anatomy Atlases: Atlas of Human Anatomy: Plate 23: Figure 1

Atlas of Human Anatomy

Base of the brain and location of cranial nerves.

Translated by: Ronald A. Bergman, PhD and Adel K. Afifi, MD, MS
Peer Review Status: Internally Peer Reviewed

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Base of the brain and location of cranial nerves

I. Frontal bone.
II. Occipital bone.
III. Temporal bone.
IV. Falx cerebri.
V. Falx cerebelli.
VI. Superior saggital sinus. Superior longitudinal sinus.
VII. Superior saggital sinus. Occipital sinus.

A) Frontal lobe (brain in the anterior cranial fossa) [OBS].
B) Temporal lobe. Middle lobe (brain in the middle cranial fossa) [OBS].
C) Occipital lobe. Posterior cerebral lobe (brain in the posterior cranial fossa above the tentorium and over the cerebellum [OBS].
D) Cerebellum (two hemispheres).
E) Medulla oblongata.

a) Gyri.
b) Sulci (fold between the gryi).
c) Sylvian (lateral) fissure (lateralis cerebral fossa), Thalamus.
d) Pyramid of medulla oblongata.
e) Olive of medulla oblongata.
f) Basis pontis. Pons (Varioli).
g) Brachium pontis (middle cerebellar peduncle).
h) Cerebral peduncle.
i) Optic tract.
k) Optic chiasm.
l) Posterior perforate substance, middle perforate substance (s. fundus of fourth ventricle).
m) Mamillary body (s. candicantia).
n) Tuber cinereum.
o) Infundibulum.
p) Hypophysis (pituitary gland).
q) Lamina cribrosa (s. substantia perforata anterior).
r) Olfactory bulb (Root of the olfactory nerve).
s) Olfactory tract.
t) Parahippocampal gyrus.
u) Uncus.
v) Horizontal sulcus, sulcus horizontalis of Reilii.
w) Pyramid of vermis.
x) Quadrangular lobule (s. superior anterior lobule).
y) Superior semilunar lobule.
z) Inferior semilunar lobule.

a) Lobulus gracilis (s. lobulus tener).
b)Biventer lobule.
g) Tonsil (s. spiral lobulus).
d) Flocculus.

  1. olfactory nerve.
  2. optic nerve.
  3. oculomotor nerve.
  4. trochlear nerve.
  5. trigeminal nerve (s. divisus). sensory division.
  6. abducens nerve.
  7. facial nerve (s. communicans faciei).
  8. cochleovestibular nerve. statoacoustic nerve (s. auditoris).
  9. glossopharyngeal nerve.
  10. vagus nerve (s. pneumogastric).
  11. spinal accessory nerve (s. accessories of Willis).
  12. hypoglossal nerve.
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