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Anatomy Atlases: Atlas of Human Anatomy: Plate 23: Figure 2

Atlas of Human Anatomy

Inner surface of the brain, seen from above, exposing both lateral ventricles and the third ventricle. The corpus callosum, septum pellucidum and fornix seen in front of 3. Ventricle of the foramen of Monro is cut across and passes posteriorly.

Translated by: Ronald A. Bergman, PhD and Adel K. Afifi, MD, MS
Peer Review Status: Internally Peer Reviewed

Magnified View (via Quicktime VR)

Inner surface of the brain, seen from above

A) Frontal lobe (s. anterior cerebral lobe) [OBS].
B) Temporal lobe (s. middle cerebral lobe) [OBS].
C) Occipital lobe (s. posterior cerebral lobe) [OBS].
D) Cerebellum.
E) Cortical grey matter. Substantia corticalis (s. substantia cinereium).
F) Centrum, semiovale, white matter core, Substantia alba (s. substantia medullaris).

I. Right lateral ventricle, cella lateralis.
II. Left lateral ventricle, cella lateralis.
III. Third ventricle.
IV. Anterior horn, lateral ventricle.
V. Posterior horn, lateral horn.
VI. Inferior horn, lateral ventricle.

a) Corpus callosum (truncus with raphe).
b) Genu of corpus callosum.
c) Hippocampal commissure, forical commissure, psalterium, Commissura fornix [on the inferior surface of the splenium of corpus callosum].
d) Septum pellucidum (with ventriculus septi pellucidum).
e) Fornix.
f) Anterior crus of the fornix.
g) Posterior crus of the fornix.
h) Pes hippocampi major (s. cornu ammonis) [with the fimbria fornix on the inner edge].
i) Calcar avis, Pes hippocampi minor .
k) Caudate nucleus.
l) Thalamus (optic thalamus).
m) Stria terminalis (stria cornea).
n) Massa intermedia.
o) Anterior commissure.
p) Posterior commissure.
q) Infundibular recess.
r) Cerebral acqueduct, acqueduct of Sylvius (cerebral anus).
s) Pineal gland.
t) Stalk of the pineal gland.
u) Corpora quadrigemina.
v) Choroid plexus.

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