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Anatomy Atlases: Atlas of Human Anatomy: Plate 27: Figure 2

Atlas of Human Anatomy

Nerves of the right axilla and lateral surface of the thorax.

Translated by: Ronald A. Bergman, PhD and Adel K. Afifi, MD, MS
Peer Review Status: Internally Peer Reviewed

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Nerves of the right axilla and lateral surface of the thorax.

a) Clavicle.
b) m. Scalenus anterior.
c) m. Scalenus media.
d) m. Levator anguli scapulae.
e) m. Deltoideus.
f) m. Pectoralis major.
g) m. Pectoralis minor.
h) Coracoid process.
i) m. Latissimus dorsi.
k) m. Biceps (short head).
l) m. Coracobrachialis.
m. m. Serratus anterior.
n) m. Subscapularis.
o) m. Serratus posterior inferior.
p) mm. Intercostales.
q) m. Transversus abdominis.
r) m. Rectus abdominis.
s) m. External abdominal oblique.
t) m. Internal abdominal oblique.
u) Common carotid artery.
v) Subclavian artery.
w) Axillary artery.
x) Internal jugular vein.
y) Subclavian vein.
z) Axillary vein.

a) Brachial artery and vein.
b) Subscapularis artery and vein.
g) Long thoracic artery and vein.
d) Thoracodorsal artery and vein.

  1. cervical nerve V. (part of brachial plexus).
  2. cervical nerve VI. (part of brachial plexus).
  3. cervical nerve VII. (part of brachial plexus).
  4. cervical nerve VIII. (part of brachial plexus).
  5. thoracic nerve I. (part of brachial plexus).
  6. phrenic nerve.
  7. cervical nerve IV. to m. levator scapulae.
  8. suprascapular nerve (s. scapularis).
  9. lateral thoracic nerve.
  10. long thoracic nerve.
  11. anterior branch (s. thoracis nerve pectoralis lateralis) [branch of intercostal nerve II).
  12. posterior brachial medial cutaneous nerve (branch of intercostal nerve II).
  13. subscapular nerve.
  14. internal brachial cutaneous nerve.
  15. medial brachial cutaneous nerve.
  16. musculocutaneous nerve (s. nervus cutaneous brachii externus s. perforans Casseri). [pierces m. coracobrachialis].
  17. axillary nerve (s. circumflexus humeri).
  18. roots of the median nerve.
  19. median nerve.
  20. ulnar nerve (s. cubitalis nerve).
  21. radial nerve.
  22. lateral pectoral nerves (s. pectorales externi) [from intercostal nerves 2 – 7].
  23. anterior pectoral nerves(s. pectorals interni) [from intercostal nerves 2 – 7].
  24. medial abdominal nerves.

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