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Anatomy Atlases: Atlas of Human Anatomy: Plate 30: Figure 7

Atlas of Human Anatomy

The sympathetic system with its ganglia and plexiform character, of the right body half.

Translated by: Ronald A. Bergman, PhD and Adel K. Afifi, MD, MS
Peer Review Status: Internally Peer Reviewed

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The sympathetic system with its ganglia and plexiform character, of the right body half

a) Mandible (s. inferior maxillary bone).
b) Hyoid bone.
c) Clavicle.
d) First rib.
e) Second rib.
f) Rib XI.
g) Lumbar vertebra, transverse process.
h) Sacral bone.
i) Pubic bone (symphysis).
k) m. Zygomaticus major.
l) m. Digastricus.
m) m. Masseter.
n) Parotid gland.
o) Submandibular gland.
p) m. Sternohyoideus.
q) m. Scalenus anterior.
r) mm. Scalenus medius and posterior.
s) Diaphragm.
t) m. Quadratus lumborum.
u) Right bronchus.
v) Kidney.
w) Suprarenal gland.
x) Esophagus.
y) Stomach, fundus.
z) Jejunum.

a) Colon, sigmoid.
b) Rectum.
d) Urinary bladder.
e) Ureter.
z) Prostate gland.
h) Vas deferens.
q) Spermatic cord.
i) Internal spermatic artery and vein with spermatic plexus (from sympathetic nervous system).
k) Penis.
l) Scrotum with testicles.
m) Azygos vein (with intercostals veins from the right side).
n) Superior vena cava.
x) Thoracic duct.

  1. thoracic (descending) aorta.
  2. innominate artery.
  3. right subclavian artery.
  4. right common carotid artery.
  5. internal carotid artery.
  6. external carotid artery.
  7. superior thyroid artery.
  8. maxillary artery.
  9. occipital artery.
  10. posterior auricular artery.
  11. temporal artery.
  12. pulmonary arteries and veins.
  13. intercostal artery and vein.
  14. descending abdominal aorta (with inferior aorta plexus).
  15. celiac artery with celiac plexus.
  16. renal artery with renal plexus.
  17. superior mesenteric artery with superior mesenteric plexus.
  18. inferior mesenteric artery with inferior mesenteric plexus.
  19. common iliac artery.
  20. superior hypogastric plexus (around the abdominal aorta).
  21. rectal plexus.
  22. vesical (bladder) plexus.
  23. prostatic plexus.
  24. inferior hypogastric plexus.
  25. inferior phrenic arteries (with phrenic plexus).
  26. great gastric plexus (around the gastric arteries).
  27. splenic artery with splenic plexus of nerves.
  28. hepatic artery with hepatic plexus of nerves.
  29. solar plexus with semilunar ganglion.
  30. lumbar ganglion.
  31. sacral ganglion.
  32. thoracic ganglion I.
  33. thoracic ganglion VII.
  34. greater splanchnic nerve.
  35. lesser splanchnic nerve.
  36. superior thoracic plexus.
  37. infeior cervical ganglion.
  38. middle cervical ganglion.
  39. superior cervical ganglion.
  40. [OBS].
  41. anterior auricular nerve.
  42. posterior auricular nerve.
  43. facial nerve with branches (pes anserinus).
  44. lesser occipital nerve with superior auricular nerve.
  45. accessory nerve (Willisii).
  46. cervical plexus.
  47. vagus nerve.
  48. recurrent nerve.
  49. phrenic nerve.
  50. brachial plexus.
  51. lumbar plexus.
  52. sacral plexus.
  53. intercostals nerve.
  54. esophageal plexus.
  55. pulmonary plexus.
  56. pharyngeal plexus.

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