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Anatomy Atlases: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation: Part 1: Muscular System: Listing of Media: A

Listing of Media: A

Ronald A. Bergman, PhD
Adel K. Afifi, MD, MS
Ryosuke Miyauchi, MD

Peer Review Status: Internally Peer Reviewed

Abductor Digiti Minimi (manus)

Image 13

Accessorius Abductor Digiti Quniti
Laboratory Specimen, University of Iowa

Image 228

Accessorius Abductor Digiti Quinti
From Calori, 1868

Image 228

Accessorius ad abductorem digiti minimi manus.
Note that the darkened muscle attached to the tendon of palmaris longus, enters the hypothenar muscle mass. The muscle inserts by a long thin tendon onto the base of the fifth metacarpal on its medial side. The muscle traverses the canal of Guyon where it may compress the ulnar artery and ulnar nerve.
From Calori,1868.

Image 206

Pisiuncinatus (Pisohamatus)
See B: a, tendon of flexor carpi ulnaris; b, abductor digiti minimi; c, flexor digiti minimi; d, opponens digiti minimi; e, pisiuncinatus (pisohamatum); alpha, os pisiform; beta, hamulus ossis hamati.
from Gruber, 1875, 1881.

Abductor Pollicis Longus

Image 8

Variations of abductor pollicis longus tendons of insertion.
a, usual tendon of insertion at base of the first metacarpal;
b, tendinous slip to the greater multangular;
c, tendinous slip to abductor pollicis brevis; and
d, tendinous slip to opponens pollicis.
From Lacey, et al. (1951)

Image 9

Accessory abductor pollicis longus.
An accessory muscular slip to abductor pollicis longus had its origin from yhr tendon of brachioradialis.
from Calori, 1867

Axillary Arch

Image 229

Axillary Arch and Sternalis muscles.
The axillary arch (blue dot) extends between pectoralis major (green dots) and latissimus dorsi (red dot). Pectoralis minor (brown dot) and a sternalis muscle (yellow dot) are also demonstrated. After Wilder, H.H.: The History of the Human Body, Holt, New York, 1923. From Gehry, K. (1903).

Image 230

Axillary Arches
from Calori.

Image 177

Axillary Arch.
from Tobler.

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